Turn any data into a SQL Table. Quickly!

Remember the days you had to struggle trying to import external content into your SQL Server? These days are now over!
Read data from any source - HTML, Excel, Word, PDF, Text and much more and turn the data into a SQL Table - in a split second!


SQL Table Zip

Table/Query-level Backup

SqlTableZip will backup the results of *any* query into a compressed file.

Whenever you need to send results from an offline site, create a table backup, send or share data - SQL Table Zip will do the job.


Database File Explorer

Data Storage Analysis

Need to know what is consuming your databases space? Database File Explorer is a visual tool helping you understand exactly how your databases space is consumed


Log4Sql Enterprise Suite

A Unified SQL Code Logger & Viewer

A complete solution to embed logging inside your SQL Stored Procedures, integrated with a powerful viewer letting you explore, search and view the log in real-time.


SQL Stripes

Powerful SQL Server Monitoring

Monitor and Control your SQL Servers from one place


Database Control Center (DCC)

Coming Soon!

A powerful repository for all of your Database Servers. DCC will let you manage, search, execute and have immediate connectivity to any of your servers/groups, as well as real-time statistics, mass-execution, various product integration and more...