Import any data, into your SQL Server, through your clipboard

Remeber the days you had to stuggle trying to import external content into your SQL Server? These days are now over!

Read data from any source - HTML, Excel, Word, PDF, Text and much more and turn the data into a SQL Table - in a split second!


Sql Table Zip

Take your tables to go!

SqlTableZip will compress any query into a file, which can be easily restored anywhere

Whenever you need to send results from an offline site, create a personal backup, send data to other people - This app is your best solution


Database File Explorer

Database file/space explorer

Why is my database running low on space? Seach no more! This App is a better way to explore your database file/filegroup/storage


Log Table Viewer

Logger and Viewer for SQL Server

A complete solution to embed logging inside your SQL Stored Procedures, integrated with a powerful viewer letting you explore, search and view the log in real-time.


SQL Stripes

SQL Server Monitoring

Monitor and Control your SQL Servers from one place


Database Control Center (DCC)

Coming Soon!

A powerful repository for all of your Database Servers. DCC will let you manage, search, execute and have immediate connectivity to any of your servers/groups, as well as real-time statistics, mass-execution, various product integration and more...