: Import any data, into your SQL Server, through your clipboard

SQL ClipTable helps you import external content from almost any source into your database

This is done using ClipTable's powerful parsing engine, being able to transform almost any tabular format to a table, after analyzing the data types, sizes, delimiters and other essentials.

You can import directly from your Clipboard, File, URL, XML, JSON and more.

You will be able to read data from any source - HTML, Excel, Word, PDF, Text and much more and turn the data into a SQL Table - in a split second!

ClipTable supports the following databases:
SQL Server (native)
Oracle (OLE DB Provider required: 32 bit or 64 bit )
MySQL (connector required: )
PostgreSQL (connector required: )

Screenshots (hover to zoom):
  • Backup Import Data
    Copying a random table from a web site into ClipTable
  • Target Target
    Choosing where the new table should be created
  • Table Created Table Created
    Done - The selected table from the website is now a SQL Table.

Download (mirror) (zip)