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ClipTable - Get data from your Clipboard to a SQL table in seconds!

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The Challenge:
As a DBA, you often need to import data from various sources into your databases.
This usually means you have to:
- Analyze the data
- Make sure the source is readable (relevant input driver, network shares etc...)
- Configure delimiters, field type & size
- Fail & Retry :) Well, not all the time but quite often

Our Solution:
ClipTable(tm) lets you copy any desired data, directly from your clipboard into a SQL table. You can easily get data from any source, including: HTML Tables, Word, Excel, Text, PDF and many more...

ClipTable can import your data into the following databases:
SQL Server (native)
Oracle (OLE DB Provider required: 32 bit or 64 bit )
MySQL (connector required: )
PostgreSQL (connector required: )

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