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Space Explorer for SQL Server -

including table, index, files, disks, and storage usage

Your databases have multiple files
Your server has multiple databases
Understanding how space is consumed by your various databases may be challenging

Database File Explorer is a powerful solution for exploring your files and filegroups and quickly understanding their Locations and disk-space usage.

Screenshots (hover to zoom):
  • Login Login
    Login Screen
  • Main Screen Main Screen
    Main Screen
  • Server Info Server Info
    Server Information
  • Database Info Database Info
    Database Information
  • Databases Info Databases Info
    Databases Disk Space Information - Graph
  • Table Table
    Table context menu
  • Table info Table Info
    Table Info - Columns and Indexes
  • Table info Table Info
    Table Info - Referencing objects
  • Table info Table Info
    Table Info Graph - Data and Index usage
  • Repository Repository
    Shared Repository - A powerful server management console embedded on all of our products.